By Eric Flint, Andrew Dennis

ISBN-10: 1416555366

ISBN-13: 9781416555360

Rome, 1635, and Grantville's diplomatic group, headed through Sharon Nichols, are making scant headway now it has turn into politically inexpedient for Pope city VIII to speak to them any longer. Sharon doesn't brain, she has a marriage to plot. Frank Stone has moved to Rome and is trying to result in the revolution one pizza at a time. Cardinal Borja is amassing votes to carry the Church's reformers to a halt of their tracks, at the orders of the King of Spain. in the meantime, difficulty is brewing within the streets, shadowy agitators are stirring up hassle and Spain's armies are massed around the border within the state of Naples, Cardinal Barberini desires the pamphleteers to forestall slandering him and it feels like it's going to be an extended, scorching summer season. other than that Cardinal Borja has extra goals than his masters in Madrid learn about, and has the help of Spain's so much infamous undercover agent to result in his sinister designs.

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