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Wolfgang Uhlmann's Winning with the French PDF

Grandmaster Uhlmann has performed the French nearly completely through the entire of his chess profession, protecting its honour opposed to the various all-time greats. nobody will be larger certified to provide an explanation for how Black should still move approximately profitable With the French. during this ebook, up to the moment thought is predicated round sixty of Uhlmann'smost very important video games, facing adaptations during which Black can play for the entire aspect with self belief.

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26. On the whole I was happy with this game, since, although Karpov solved his opening problems, for a long time he suffered in an ending and just before the time control he could have lost. For him this was a new, uncustomary situation - a depressing fight for a draw in a position where there was hardly any material left (usually it was his opponents who had to do this). Such a turn of events must have given him serious food for thought. 25; my opponent most often played 3 tiJc3) 3... Itg7 4 g3 After the stormy events of the 2nd game Karpov wants to gain a slight plus, without the traditional risk inherent in the main variations of the Griinfeld Defence.

23 d5 (23 dxe5lbg4) 23 ... id7 and ... lbe8-d6. 21 ... l:tbc8 22 e3lbe8 23 l:td2 lbd6 (a successful piece arrangement) 24l:tdc2 ls ... lbd7 Immediately exchanging the darksquare bishops. 15 ... ih3 lbd6 25 b3 ~e8 etc. ixg7 'it>xg7 17 l:tacl If 17 f3 (the only genuinely active plan) there would also have followed 17 ... lbf6, when 18 e4 runs into 18 ... dxe4 19 fxe4 e5! 20 d5 (20 dxe5 'ii'b6+ and ... lbg4) 20 ... id7 with a good game for Black. 18 'ii'f4 also does not 42 24 ... 'it>f8?! A routine move, playing the king to the centre (although there is nothing for it to do at e7).

Unexpectedly Karpov makes a secondrate move, which we had hardly looked at - why allow the activation of the white king?! ' (Tal) I don't know about Karpov's analysis, but there was a much simpler draw by 44 ... Mxh2! l:th6+ ~d7! (but not 45 ... 'it'e7? 46 a4! Mh3 47 a5 Mxg3 48 a6! ctJf5 49 We4 Mxe3+ 50 Wxf5 g3 51 b5 1::ta3 52 b6! or 37 Kasparov vs. Karpov: 1986-1987 46 ... l:txh5l:ta3+ 49 tDc3 e4+ 50 'it'd4 and wins), to which we devoted our main attention before the resumption. White is unable to gain an advantage after either 46 a4 (Tal) 46 ...

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