By W. F. Kirby

ISBN-10: 0486156001

ISBN-13: 9780486156002

The beautiful shades and shapes of butterflies — and their wonderful spectrum of tricky markings — are rendered with marvelous precision on sixty one full-color plates. Imaginations will take flight with butterflies and moths of each relatives, besides info of pupa, eyes, antennae, and the winged bugs' favourite flora.

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10. Siona decussata Fig. 11. Fidonia plumistaria Fig. 12, a, b. Eucrostis indigenata A. Spurge Euphorba spinosa Plate 58 GEOMETRAE Fig. 1. Cleogene peletieraria Fig. 2. Gnophos obfuscata Fig. 3. Scodiona belgaria Fig. 4. Cimelia margarita Fig. 5. Pygmaena fusca Fig. 6. Eusarca badiaria Fig. 7. Nychiodes lividaria Fig. 8. Hemerophila abruptaria Fig. 9. Eilicrinia cordiariae Fig. 10. Ligia opacaria Fig. 11, a, b. Chemerina caliginearia A. Cistus Helianthemum Plate 59 PYRALES—TORTRICES Fig. 1, a, b.

4. Hadena strigilis Fig. 5. Dipterygia pinastri Fig. 6. Euplexia lucipara Fig. 7, a, b. Habryntis suta Fig. 8. Habryntis meticulosa Fig. 9. Rhizogramma detersa Fig. 10. Ercopus purpureofasciatus Fig. 11. Xylinia ornithopus Fig. 12, a, b. Calocampa exoleta Fig. 13. Xylomyges conspicillaris A. Sloe; Blackthorn Prunus spinosa B. Vetch Pisum arvense C. Grass D. Sweet Violet Viola odorata Plate 37 ORTHOSIDAE—CLEOPHANIDAE—CUCULLIDAE—HELIOTHIDAE—ANARTIDAE—ACONTIDAE Fig. 1. Scoliopteryx libatrix Fig. 2.

Spear Thistle Cirsium lanceolatum B. 1. 2. Melitaea cynthia Fig. 3, a–d. Melitaea aurinia Fig. 4. Melitaea didyma Fig. 5, a–d. Melitaea cinxia Fig. 6. Melitaea dictynna Fig. 7, a–c. Melitaea athalia Fig. 8, a, b. Argynnis aphirape A. Heath Calluna vulgaris B. Germander Speedwell Veronica chamaedrys C. Wild Heart’s-ease Viola tricolor D. Scabious Scabiosa succisa Plate 8 NYMPHALIDAE Fig. 1. Argynnis dia Fig. 2. Argynnis amathusia Fig. 3. Argynnis adippe Fig. 4, a–d. Argynnis aglaia Fig. 5. Argynnis lathonia Fig.

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