By W. J. Baird

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Grandmaster Uhlmann has performed the French nearly completely through the entire of his chess occupation, protecting its honour opposed to many of the all-time greats. nobody will be larger certified to provide an explanation for how Black may still cross approximately successful With the French. during this publication, up to the moment idea relies round sixty of Uhlmann'smost vital video games, facing adaptations during which Black can play for the complete aspect with self belief.

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WDWDWD} {DWDWDpDW} {WDWDW)WD} {DWDWDWDW} vllllllllV Brooklyn Daily Eagle 94. cuuuuuuuuC {WDWgWDWd} {DW$WDKDW} {wdWdw0ND} {Dw0k0NdW} {whWdw)WD} {DwDwDwdW} {WDw)BDWd} {DQDWdWDW} vllllllllV Newcastle Weekly Chronicle two-move problems 95. cuuuuuuuuC {WDWdQDWd} {HWDWDWDW} {wdWdndWD} {Dpdk)WGR} {w)WdnDWI} {Dw0w$w)W} {WDNDWDWd} {DWDWdWDW} vllllllllV Illustrated Sporting and 39 96. WDWH} {DWDW0PDW} {wdn)wdRD} {DwdwiWDW} {w0W0wDWD} {DKgPDw)W} {WDWDWDWG} {DW$WdWDW} vllllllllV Reading Observer Dramatic News 97.

CuuuuuuuuC {WDWDWGWD} {DWdwDwDQ} {WdnDndWD} {Dw)k4WDW} {W)pdwdPH} {DW)wdWDw} {WDNIbdWD} {DBDW$WDW} vllllllllV Sheffield Weekly Independent 165. } {HWdpDPDW} {WdwDwdW)} {Dw)w)WDW} {W0wiwdWD} {DBDwdWHw} {WDWGWdWD} {DWDWDWDW} vllllllllV Standard Hon. , 1889 166. W} vllllllllV Pictorial World 167. WDWDBD} {DWdwDNDW} {pDw0ndWD} {DPiwDWDW} {WdwdPdWd} {)WDwdWDW} {W)WHWIWD} {DWDWDWDW} vllllllllV Glasgow Weekly Herald two-move problems 59 168. } {DWDWDRDW} vllllllllV Manchester Weekly Times 169. cuuuuuuuuC {WDWDWDWD} {DWhwdNDW} {wDWDwdW)} {)WdwdWHW} {RdPiB0WD} {DWDwDpDQ} {PDWDWIWD} {DWGWDWDW} vllllllllV Daily Telegraph 170.

WDWDWDW} vllllllllV Brighton and Hove Society 129. cuuuuuuuuC {WDWDWDWD} {DWDwDWDw} {WdPdP)wD} {DQ4wiN0W} {WdWdwDBD} {DWHWDKDW} {WGWDWDWD} {DWDWDWDW} vllllllllV Field 130. wdpdW} {WdW)w4WD} {DWDpiBDW} {WDW0PDWD} {DWDWDWDN} vllllllllV Hampstead and Highgate Express 131. cuuuuuuuuC {WDWDWDnH} {IBDR4RDw} {WdPdW)wD} {DWDwdkdW} {WdWDp)pD} {DWDwdWDW} {WDWdNDWD} {DWDWDWDW} vllllllllV Southern Counties’ Chess Journal two-move problems 49 132. cuuuuuuuuC {WDWDWDwD} {DWDpdQGw} {BdW0pDwD} {DWDwdwdW} {WdpDkDpH} {DWDwdWDW} {WHWdW)WD} {DWDWIWDW} vllllllllV Western Morning News 133.

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700 Chess problems by W. J. Baird

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