By James A. Van Allen

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Mars) occurs near the time of its opposition. , Venus) near the time at which its motion is retrograde? 185. The angular diameter of a superior planet as viewed from the Earth is largest when the planet is at (a) eastern quadrature; (b) western quadrature; (c) opposition; (d) conjunction. 186. On 25 November 1976, Mars was in conjunction. It was impractical to receive data from the Viking landers and orbiters at Mars for several weeks around this day. Why? 187. Which one of the following planets can never appear at opposition?

Which one or ones of the following statements are true? (a) The Moon is new. (b) The astronaut's selenographic longitude is 180 degrees. (c) The astronaut's selenographic latitude is between 7 degrees North and 7 degrees South. (d) The astronaut will not be able to see the Sun for about seven days. (e) The Moon is full. Page 43 310. An astronaut standing on the northern pole of the Moon and looking toward the Earth sees the right-hand half of the Earth sunlit and the left-hand half dark. What is the phase of the Moon as viewed from the Earth?

The Moon (a) rises about fifty minutes earlier every night; (b) is full when it crosses the meridian at noon local time; (c) is full when it crosses the meridian at sunset; (d) is full when it crosses the meridian at midnight local time. 256. The point on the Moon's orbit that is the closest to the center of the Earth is called the (a) perihelion; (b) apogee; (c) aphelion; (d) perigee. 257. If the Moon moves about 13 degrees eastward on the star field in a 24-hour period, its sidereal period is how many days?

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