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Winning with the French by Wolfgang Uhlmann PDF

Grandmaster Uhlmann has performed the French virtually completely during the complete of his chess occupation, protecting its honour opposed to many of the all-time greats. nobody will be greater certified to provide an explanation for how Black should still move approximately successful With the French. during this ebook, up to date concept is predicated round sixty of Uhlmann'smost very important video games, facing diversifications within which Black can play for the total aspect with self belief.

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Kt-Kt5, see the Lilienthal-Bolcslavsky game (No. 37). 10 K t x P Kt-K4 l l P-Kt3 Kt(B)-Kt5 Temporarily Black has the initiative. B u t the position of his pieces in the centre is in­ secure, while White's central pawn at K4 cramps Black's play. 12 B-B4 Kt-QB3 1 3 Kt(Q)-K2 P-B4 h i s mate rial advantage would have told. P-KR4 16 . . Of course ! 1 7 QR-Kl Q-Q2 1 8 K-R2 K-R2 18 . , Kt-KS was impos­ sible because of 19 Q-QS e h . 19 B-Kt5 Kt-K4 Even so Black's situation is not easy and he seeks counter­ pla y.

He can b e satisfied that he may still be able to carry on play into . . a lost end­ game; for he risked losing i t in the middle-game! Kt-B3 Q x P ch Q x Q eh B-K3 33 P-R3 34 P-Kt4 35 K t-B3 B-R4 B-Kt3 R-Q B I Passive defence ( 3 5 R-K I ) is just a s hopeless a s the text continuation. P-R3 PxP Q-B3 PxQ 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 And so White has a won end-game with a pawn to the good. ;truggle. Kt-Kt7 23 . . 24 K-B2 K t >� P K-Q3 Kt-Q6 eh Kt-B4 R--KB I R-B3 K-B2 K-Kt3 Kt-Q2 R-B7 eh R-QR7 K-B3 B-B2 R-R7 R-R8 R-R7 ch R-R8 Incomprehensible timidity.

K-B 2 ; 3 7 P-R 7, K-Kt2; 3 8 K-B5, Black would have been in a bad way. 29 30 31 32 33 ... P-R4 R-R6ch R -R 7 ch R-QB7 ? R-QBI P-QB4 K-B2 K-K3 With this move White loses all his advantage! After 33 B-B71 he could have cashed in on his R-pawn. White should not have won the end-game lacking Rooks. 33 34 35 36 ... Bx R B-Kt6 P-R5 RxR K-Q2 P-B5 Black could have gained a draw here: 36 . . , K-B I ! (threatens Kt-BI-Q2); 37 B­ BS ( I f 37 P-R6, then n o t 3 7 . . , but 3 7 . . , Kt-B6 e h ; 3 8 K-B3, Kt­ K3 with the subsequent transfer of the Knight to Kl; pointed out by I.

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