By Shigeyuki Somiya (Eds.)

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Powder Metallurgy Interna­ tional, 13, 3 7 - 3 9 . Cannon, W. , et al. (1982). Sinterable ceramic powders from laser-driven reac­ tion. I: Process description and modeling. Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 65, 324-330. E n o m o t o , R y o . (1982). Shöketsu genryö toshite no tankakeiso bifunmatsu [Silicon carbide power as a sintering material]. Ceramics Japan, 17, 8 2 8 - 8 3 3 . Fukuura, Isamu and Asano, Yukiyasu. (1983). Arumina seramikkusu chü no fujunbutsu no hinshitsu e no eikyö [Effects on quality of impurities in alumina ceramics].

1982). Chikka keisο funmatsu [Silicon nitride powder], Ceramics Japan, 17, 834-840. Nishida, Katsutoshi, et al. (1973). Chikka keiso kaatsu shöketsutai no kyodo [Strength of hot-pressed silicon nitride]. In Shöwa 48 nen funtai funmatsu yakin kyökai shunki taikai köen yoköshü [Proceedings of the Spring 1983, meeting of the Japan Society of Powder and Powder Metallurgy]. Kyoto: Funtai Funmatsu Yakin Kyokai, pp. 3 4 - 3 6 . Okabe, Yasuzö, H ö j ö , Jun'ichi, and Katö, Akio. (1980). S i H - C H - H kei kisö hannö ni yoru tankakeiso funtai no gösei [Synthesis of silicon carbide powders by a S i H - C H - H vapor phase reaction].

After the remaining carbon is b u r n e d , fine S i N powder with a high degree of purity and a high a ratio is obtained. Since this reaction is e n d o t h e r m i c , control of the process is relatively easy; the reaction itself, however, is extremely com­ plex. It has the advantage of making it possible to use a material with a high degree of purity and a relatively low price. 3. ) is SiCl + 6 N H 3 Si(NH) + 4NH C1 4 2 3 S i ( N H ) - * S13N4 + 2 N H 2 4 3 T h e gas-phase synthesis principally causes SiCl or other similar gases to react with N H at 1000 to 1200°C, yielding an a m o r p h o u s S i N , from which the α-form crystal is obtained after heat t r e a t m e n t .

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