By Ihor Sevcenko, Irmgard Hutter

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ISBN-13: 9783519074403

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82-83; Vita icon of St. Panteleimon at Mt. ): as in note 12. ): Ν. Κ. Moutsopoulos, Καστοριά, Παναγία ή Μαυριώτισσα, Athens 1967, fig. 92; Mani, Η. ): Ν. Β. Drandakes, Βυζαντιναι τοιχογραφίαι της Μέσα Μάνης, Athens 1964, pi. ): E. Kitzinger, / Mosaici del periodo Normanno in Sicilia, I, La Cappella Palatina di Palermo, Palermo 1992, fig. 126. ): M. Restle, Byzantine Wallpainting in Asia Minor, II, Greenwich CT 1967, fig. ): D. Mouriki, Oi τοιχογραφίες τον Σωτήρα κοντά στο 'Αλεποχώρι Μεγαρίδος, Athens 1978, 44, pis.

136. But P. Gautier, La Diataxis de Michel Altaliate, REB 39 (1981) 90 n. 15, translates it as bronze, noting the word remains controversial. 28 P. Lemerle, Le testament d'Eustathios Boilas, in: idem, Cinq otudes (as in n. 27), 24. 135-136; English translation by S. , The Will of a Provincial Magnate, Eustathios Boilas (1059), DOP 11 (1957) 257 and note 5. 29 Gautier, La Diataxis (as in n. 27), 91. 1204-1207. 30 Idem, Le typikon du sebaste Gregoire Pakourianos, REB 42 (1984) 121. 1688-1689. 31 Ch.

527, best known from a famous subscription in some Horace manuscripts to have revised at any rate the Epodes of Horace with the assistance of a professor called Felix at some point after his consular year5. On the assumption that Basilius is Mavortius, much has been made of his catholic literary interests. In December 1994 at my request Pere H. D. TTIVS AGORIVS BASILIVS". The name is not written in a margin but squarely in the middle of the page, and Pere Saffrey also confirmed for me that this is all that was ever written.

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AETOS Studies in honour of Cyril Mango presented to him on April 14, 1998 by Ihor Sevcenko, Irmgard Hutter

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