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ALTERNATING ELECTRIC CURRENTS. 22 whereby the current may flow back again to the source. In other words, the elec- tricity invariably leaves the source, passes through various conducting paths, produces effects in the translating devices, and flows back to the source from which it came. For this reason, the conducting usually called a circuit, although of course it is not necessary that the path path is through which the electricity flows should be a circular path. Electric sources do not primarily pro- duce electricity, but a particular variety of force called electromotive force, (general- ly abbreviated E.

Loop and the ends of the loop be connected with an electric source, so that an eleccurrent flows through the circuit so formed, then the ether streamings, or the tric magnetic flux surrounding the wire, will be so directed that all the flux will enter ELECTROMOTIVE FORCES. the loop at one side and leave 66 it at the The only effect produced the direction of the current, by changing will be to change the direction in which opposite side. the flux passes through, or threads the loop. If, for example, with one direction of current flowing through the conducting loop, the magnetic flux enters the loop from above and passes out below, then by the direction of the electric current, the flux would enter the loop from below and pass out from above.

An application of the methods of vary- ing, in certain cases, the strength of cur- rent flowing through any circuit, is seen in the solution of a problem, which is met namely, to turn down or decrease the brightness of an often electric in practice; lamp. If this be done, as has fre- quently been attempted, by introducing into the circuit of the lamp, a mere ohmic resistance; namely, a conductor with but a few turns, then, although the strength of current passing through the lamp is decreased, and power saved in this respect, same current is now passing through the resistance and producing use- yet the ELECTROMOTIVE FORCES.

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