By Mo Adam Mahmood, Gary J. Mann, Mark Dubrow

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As with actual gold rushes, most of the money was made by those who outfitted and provisioned the prospectors, although generous government funding again flowed to AI researchers. The European ESPRIT and UK Alvey programs invested over $200 million per year starting in 1984 (Oakley, 1990). In the United States, funding for the DARPA Strategic Computing AI program alone, begun in 1983, rose to almost $400 million in 1988 (Norberg & O’Neill, 1996). S. companies was estimated at about $2 billion in 1985 (Kao, 1998).

Managers oversaw design, development, and operation, specifying the programs to be written and distributing the output. A small army of operators was needed. ENIAC, arguably the first general-purpose electronic computer in 1946, was 10 feet tall, covered 1,000 square feet, and consumed as much energy as a small town. Once a program was written, several people loaded it by setting switches, dials, and cable connections. Despite a design innovation that boosted vacuum-tube reliability by operating them at 25% normal power, 50 spent tubes had to be found and replaced on an average day.

Programming: Subject of Study, Source of Change In the 1960s and 1970s, more than 1,000 research papers on variables affecting programming performance were published (Baecker & Buxton, 1987). Most viewed programming in isolation, independent of organizational context. Gerald Weinberg’s landmark The Psychology of Computer Programming appeared in 1971. In 1980, Ben Shneiderman published Software Psychology, and in 1981 Beau Sheil reviewed studies of programming notation (conditionals, control flow, data types), practices (flowcharting, indenting, variable naming, commenting), and tasks (learning, coding, debugging).

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