Analog technological know-how Fiction and truth, December 2014, quantity CXXXIV No. 12
Trevor Quachri, editor
Cover artwork via Shutterstock


"The Anomaly" via C. W. Johnson
"Humans First!" via Kyle Kirkland

Short Stories
"Dino Mate" by means of Rosemary Claire Smith
"Citizen of the Galaxy" through Evan Dicken
"Mammals" by means of David D. Levine
"Saboteur" through Ken Liu
"Twist of Coil" through Miki Dare
"Racing the Tide" by means of Craig DeLancey

"Crash" via John F. Keane

Science Fact
"Speared" through Tom Ligon, Stephanie Osborn, Arlan Andrews Sr

"Probability 0: All Too Human" through Paul Carlson
Guest Editorial: "A number of Apocalypses" through Howard V. Hendrick
Alternate View: "Hacking the Genome Alphabet" by way of John G. Cramer
"Biolog: Rosemary Claire Smith" by means of Richard A. Lovettrtledove, Joe Haldeman and Ben Bova.

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August Seebeck is a 20-something pupil from a global now not rather almost like ours. In GODPLAYERS, August tumbled right into a drastically better universe, and discovered that he wasn't, finally, an orphaned in simple terms baby. He and his turbulent siblings, and the breathtaking Lune and others nonetheless stranger, are avid gamers within the Contest of Worlds.

Offworld - download pdf or read online

The go back of NASA's first manned project to Mars was once imagined to be a momentous day. but if the team loses contact with flooring keep an eye on ahead of access, issues glance bleak. secure after a treacherous touchdown, the staff emerges to find the unthinkable--every guy, lady, baby, and animal has vanished with out a hint.

The Cobra Event by Richard Preston PDF

The Cobra occasion is decided in movement one spring morning in manhattan urban, while a seventeen-year-old pupil wakes up feeling vaguely ailing. Hours later she is having violent seizures, blood is pouring out of her nostril, and he or she has began a hideous strategy of self-cannibalization. quickly, different grotesque deaths of the same nature were found, and the facilities for ailment keep watch over sends a forensic pathologist to enquire.

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Even as she asked she didn’t want to know. “The hull breach wrecked thirty per cent of our jump nodes. We’re a navy ship, we can jump with ten per cent knocked out. But thirty . . ” At that moment they were precisely thirty-six and a half light-years from their G3 home star, Garissa. If they had trained the Beezling’s remaining optical sensors on the faint diamond of light far behind, and if those sensors possessed sufficient resolution, then in thirty-six years, six months, and two days they would have seen a brief surge in the apparent magnitude as Omuta’s mercenary ships dropped fifteen antimatter planet-buster bombs on their home world.

Sinon diverted his attention away from his wife to the flock of voidhawks matching pace with the ledge. There were over seventy waiting, latecomers rising into view as they left their crews behind on the other ledges. The emotional backwash from the waiting bitek starships was impossible to filter out, and he could feel his own blood singing in response. It wasn’t until he and Athene reached the passage to the airlock that he noticed an irregularity in the flock. Iasius obligingly focused on the starship in question.

She knew it wouldn’t happen that way. Intelligence agencies from half the governments in the Confederation would find out who she was, if they hadn’t already. Her fate wouldn’t be decided by any cabinet minister on politically insignificant Garissa. “Maybe not nothing,” he said. “But the university will still be there. The students. That’s what you and I live for, isn’t it? ” “Yes,” she said, as if uttering the word made it fact. She looked out of the window. They were close to the equator here, Garissa’s sun bleaching the sky to a featureless white glare.

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