By Bill Wasik

ISBN-10: 0670020842

ISBN-13: 9780670020843

Breaking information, clean gossip, tiny scandals, trumped-up crises-every day we're distracted via a tradition that jewelry our doorbell and runs away. tales unfold wildly and die out in mere days, to get replaced by way of nonetheless extra tales with ever shorter lifestyles spans. in the course of the web the scoop cycle has been set spinning even swifter now that each one people can sign up for the fray: someone on a working laptop or computer can unfold a narrative virtually as simply as The manhattan Times, CNN, or People. As media amateurs develop their viewers, they learn how to imagine just like the professionals, utilizing the plentiful information that the web offers-hit counters, such a lot e-mailed lists, YouTube perspectives, obtain tallies-to hone their very own experiments in viral blowup.

And Then There's This is invoice Wasik's trip alongside the unexplored frontier of the twenty-first century's rambunctious new-media tradition. He covers this international partially as a journalist, following "buzz bands" as they upward thrust and fall within the on-line song scene, vacationing with viral agents and political trendsetters and on-line provocateurs. yet he additionally wades in as a player, undertaking his personal hilarious experiments: an electronic mail fad (which became the global "flash mob" sensation), a viral site in a month-long festival, a pretend weblog that makes an attempt to create "antibuzz," and extra. He doesn't consistently get the consequences he anticipated, yet he attempts to make experience of his facts by way of surveying what actual social technological know-how experiments have taught us in regards to the results of distraction, stimulation, and crowd habit at the human brain. half file, half memoir, half manifesto, half deconstruction of a decade, And Then There's This captures higher than the other e-book the best way expertise is altering our culture.

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